Cheers Charleston <3

by Margo Gaza

Taking film photos, forgetting to develop the roll of film, and then developing forgotten roll of film is SO exciting. Seriously... WHAT A THRILL. More often than not, I end up cracking up at the exposures I caught. I just developed 7 rolls of forgotten film. Needless to say, it's been an exciting day ;)  

On another note, this post is a special dedication to Prohibition, the best bar in Charleston! Honorary mentions to Floris, the best bouncer, and Ion, the best bartender. Fun times!!!! 

I miss you, Charleston!! XO


by Margo Gaza

If you know me, you know I love my brother. My twin. My best friend. I love him! Don't even ask me how sad I am about not living in the same city as him anymore. 

Yoooo Margooo

by Margo Gaza

Hello peeps, 

Now that I think about it- I should be greeting myself! I'm sure it seems like I've been MIA from this site, but actually I visit it all the time! I appreciate revisiting moments I've captured and reading the messages I wrote to accompany them . That's the purpose of this thing- a photo archive for myself! Sharing my photos with an audience who chose to view them is the added bonus :)

Anywho, Hello me!

P.S- Hi Breanna!